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About Us

About Almondo:

Almondo was established in 2018 as food manufacturing and import / export services, its commitment for providing high quality and healthy food products has becomes among the favourite brands in many markets including the Chinese one.

Almondo aims to distribute healthy food concept in order to build an economical database capable of predicting future conditions, developments and setting firmed plans which can meet market challenges among international markets.


Our Goal:

We aim to provide the best and raise the quality of our products in the food markets in general and the Turkish and Chinese markets in particular, and we are keen to have a team with high expertise and dedication to work to provide the best of its diversity in taste and give the real and authentic taste of our large food product range. And we work to provide our products all over the world and provide the most luxurious and diverse food products to our customers.


Company Vision:

We seek to provide all requests to all customers of different tastes. We are competing in the Chinese and Turkish market, and we are working to be the only brand required in the market, coinciding with our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards, selecting the best specialists in our field and ensuring commitment and development in the import and export of high quality healthy food products.