Since ancient times to this day, we find many people relying on dried fruits in their diet, as an alternative to fresh fruits and because they are an important source of nutrition and health. Dried fruits are distinguished by the fact that they do not contain any preservatives or other chemicals, and are distinguished by their high levels of potassium, minerals and vitamins, so they are one of the foods that are required and consumed in abundance by people. In this article, we will focus on the most important dried fruits and their benefits and who is the store that provides them for you.

The most important dried fruits and their benefits:


Dried apricots are characterized by a moist texture and delicious taste that make them one of the most popular types of fruits consumed by adults and children, in addition to containing a range of health benefits, and high levels of vitamins such as calcium, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C, iron and many other nutrients, and they have calories Low heat. It is considered one of the commonly consumed fruits due to its longevity, unlike fresh apricots, and it has the same nutritional value.



Dried dates are a major source of energy, and contain vitamins, minerals, calcium and proteins that maintain the health of the body. It is known to last longer than fresh dates. It has various benefits that benefit the body, as it maintains the health of the heart and bones, improves digestion and maintains the health and texture of the skin. It is one of the important and required types in the market.



Dried berries are one of the most delicious and delicious types that many people rely on in their daily lives because of their high health benefits, and they contain high levels of vitamins C and B vitamins that help protect the immune system, as well as because they contain important elements for the body such as copper and zinc. Iron is an antioxidant.


There are many types of dried fruits, and dried figs are one of the well-known and famous types in the Arab world that are consumed in abundance, especially by elderly people because they work to strengthen bones because they contain a high percentage of vitamins from calcium and potassium that bones need, and helps reduce the incidence of osteoporosis. Bones, in addition to containing dietary fiber and vitamins, and this is what makes it a nutritional supplement for the body. Which explains the large demand for it in the market.

Health benefits of dried fruits:


1. All dried fruits are rich in antioxidants.

2. Help protect against cancer.

3. Containing dietary fiber reduces the incidence of heart disease.

4. Eating them helps to give the skin the necessary fats to maintain its freshness and health.

5. It has a lot of different minerals that are beneficial for the health of the body.

6. Most of them contain various vitamins and in large quantities.

7. Contains protein important for human health.


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