Nuts are considered one of the most popular and popular foods among young and old all over the world because of their delicious taste, and because they are rich in fats, calories and nutrients for the body in general. Since ancient times and until today, it is considered one of the main meals, as we find it in most parties and evenings served as hospitality to guests and friends, and among the most popular types of intoxicants are cashews, pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts. Here comes the role of traders in providing the best types of nuts. Therefore, they are interested in selecting the quality and the original taste to sell to customers and shops. We will talk about the most important types of nuts and their benefits



What are the most important types of nuts?



The cashew has a twisted shape that resembles a half moon. It is one of the nuts that have a rich and delicious flavour. It can be eaten raw or roasted, and is also included in some vegetarian and medical recipes, and is used in the manufacture of foods and sweets.



Hazelnuts are a great source of manganese, copper, and many other nutrients, and have a small, round shape. It is known for its unique and distinctive flavor and is included in many processed foods and desserts such as korkan hazelnut, which is loved by all.



Almonds are known to be rich in fiber and protein. It is one of the common types and widely consumed by everyone, raw or roasted. It has many health and medical uses, and it is included in some sweets, such as korkan almonds, which are distinguished by their delicious taste, and are sold without the crust, and it is a healthy snack.





Pistachios are also very popular. It also contains a high percentage of fiber, and it is one of the famous nuts distinguished by its color and peel. It is sold in various forms with or without the shell. And enters in many foods such as ice cream, biscuits and sweets. It is characterized by its deliciousness and good nutritional value for the body.

Benefits of nuts:

1. It lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.

2. Help to lose weight.

3. Rich in beneficial fiber.

4. It is characterized by its delicious taste and multi-use. It is used in most foods and desserts.

5. Protects against anemia and strengthens the body.

6. Help reduce inflammation.

7. A healthy meal for people who follow diets.


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